Just how did you make this world so beautiful?

I have just come back from a beautiful walk and what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Our God is a truly magnificent and awesome God, his creation, our temporary home is so unbelievably beautiful, we are truly blessed.


Your creation is amazing, new life grazing in the fields, a myriad of hues adorning the trees, new shoots bursting forth from the ground, colours surrounds me, your attention to detail outstanding, what joy fills my heart as I walk through farmland, over hill and through the dales, your creation never fails to set my mind racing, as I think of you designing each creature, each feature lovingly crafted, each animal celebrated for its own role in nature, just how did you make this world so beautiful?  The plants and flowers so bountiful, the colours so vibrant, so very abundant, the rivers and streams, the grass and the meadows, the sunshine and shadows, the clouds in the sky, the sun and the rain combining to produce a spectrum of colour, the rainbow reminds us of your unbroken promise, the forests full of peace and calmness, this world shows me you’re not a remote God, not a dead God, your creation shows me you are alive, you are a God that thrives, a God that gives and a God of love, a God who gave us the most magnificent world to call our own, this world that you crafted our temporary home.


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