I need more of my God and less of this world

After the resurrection, Jesus appears to his disciples on a few occasions.  How blessed they were to see him in the flesh and hear from him.  They don’t recognise him though in the way they did before, his appearance has changed, yet in their hearts they still know it is him.

John 21:12 – Jesus said, “Come and eat!” But none of the disciples dared ask who he was. They knew he was the Lord.

I suppose this got me to question whether I always recognise when God is talking to me.  Sometimes it’s clear and other times I question, was that me or was that God?  God can appear and talk to us in many different ways.  I believe that it’s important for me to recognise that so I remain open to hearing from him at any time, in any place and in any circumstance.


Surrounded by persuasive voices, voices that shout, voices that whisper, condemning, accusing, voices that whine and voices that whimper, strong words, weak words, meaningful and meaningless, as I listen my head’s a mess, I need more of my God and less of this world, more truth, less lies, more love, less despising, praise is rising in my soul, the Lord is close to all who call, discovering his ways nourishes my soul, they bring me joy, I stand strong and beautiful in his presence, no longer oppressed, the voices that drowned out my joy silenced forever as I hear directly from my heavenly Father, I’d rather spend one day in his presence than a thousand elsewhere, I know that he is near, I know he hears my cry, I wonder, do I hear every word he speaks to me, do I allow him to release me from the chains of humanity, do I believe consistently, do I seek him as desperately as my need to breathe, Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me, fill me with a new found ability to hear you in my time of need, to hear you in my time of plenty, knowing your words are never empty, never condemning, never accusing but always words of love, words of wooing, words of a God who is forever pursuing.


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