Victory may be on its way but for today we are silent

A day of waiting, a day of rest, Saturday the Jewish Sabbath, the day that Jesus body lay at rest in the tomb, undisturbed and alone.  A day his disciples and followers would reflect on the events of Good Friday.  Did they weep and mourn, did sadness overwhelm them?  This was the day before their understanding would be complete. The day before their joy would overflow.  The day before the world changed forever, how did they feel? 


The day before the sun rose again, the day after you hid your face, so much left to say, reflecting on the day we lost him, contemplating our loss, thinking of his body on the cross, sadness overwhelms, what do all the realms of glory have to say?  Victory may be on its way but for today we are silent, we sit in quiet reflection not knowing of the resurrection to come, the wondrous truth to come of an empty tomb, the news that the Lord himself has gone before us to conquer death and sin has not sunk in, we sit and wait, we sit and mourn, remembering his words but not comprehending, it is finished was his cry, not the ending but the beginning, we may be bereft and hurting but tomorrow hearts will be stirring as the wondrous truth sinks in that Jesus Christ is risen, death where is your sting?


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