We suffer from an earthly condition called dissatisfaction

As he hung on the Cross Jesus said, “I am thirsty”.  Reading the passage today I suddenly got it.  He was not thirsty for water he was thirsty for his Father.  As he was approaching the hour when darkness covered the land, where his Father turned his face away, Jesus longed for that connection.   It was a deep spiritual thirst, it was something he had to overcome in order to save us.  I can’t begin to imagine how hard that must have been, to be separated from his Father’s love for just one second.  Yet he did all that for me…

Revelation 22:17 – The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” Everyone who hears this should say, “Come!” If you are thirsty, come! If you want life-giving water, come and take it. It’s free!

Isaiah 12:3 – With great joy, you people will get water from the well of victory

Psalm 42:2-  In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God.  When will I see your face?

Psalm 143:6 – Then I lift my hands in prayer, because my soul is a desert, thirsty for water from you

Psalm 107:9 – To everyone who is thirsty, he gives something to drink; to everyone who is hungry, he gives good things to eat

Matthew 5:6 – God blesses those people who want to obey him more than to eat or drink. They will be given what they want!

John 4:13-14 – Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again. But no one who drinks the water I give will ever be thirsty again. The water I give is like a flowing fountain that gives eternal life.”



What are you thirsting for, what do you want more of, are you so thirsty for opportunity that you drink from every cup handed to you, just in case, just to see if it satisfies you? I have news for you, nothing on earth will satisfy you, constantly craving something more, more love, more money, more friends, more recognition, we suffer from an earthly condition called dissatisfaction, we are a contradiction, our thirst is never quenched, if the rain drenched us we’d still be dry, if we had all the answers we’d still question why, God’s reckless grace is our only hope, God’s outrageous gift alone can lift us from our state of frustration, as we thirst for something more remember it’s God who pours his water of life into our lives, it’s God alone who satisfies our cravings, he blesses those who choose to obey him, he turns his face towards all who hunger and thirst, he yearns to give you the water of life, he longs to lead you to his light, overflowing joy, praises sounding as we at last drink from his fountain, the fountain that satisfies every hunger, the water that nourishes as we climb the mountains and walk through the valleys, the water that satisfies in totality, if you are thirsty then draw near, come and see, If you want life-giving water, come and take it. It’s free!


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