I ask, I seek and I receive more than I could ever imagine

God makes so many promises in the Bible and today I was reflecting on one which was told to me shortly after becoming a Christian just over two years ago.

  • Joel 2:25 – I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten

When I first heard this, I had been talking to a friend about my regrets at having turned away from church when I was a teenager. I could see people around me at church who were so close to God, so together and I really felt strongly that I had missed out.  All those years I could have been spending with God, serving him, learning about him and moving forwards I had wasted.

But God is true to his promises, he has shown me that in the past two years.  Although I can never get those years back I can see now how God is using them for his purposes.  I recognise that God is giving me amazing opportunities, I can feel his power at work within me.  I am blessed that God is true to his word, he keeps his promises and it’s like he’s catapulting me into a higher place.  I have so much still to learn, but no more regrets.  God is faithful and good.


Like a plague of locusts the years stripped me of my ability to sit with you Lord, a barren time, my wilderness years, a time of regret and yet a time that you can use for your glory, nothing wasted in your perfect plans, and now I have tasted your goodness I’m like a child as I grab from your hands all that’s on offer, like a child in a sweetshop my eyes popping out as I choose what to taste, I may have been late to the table but my place was already set, my seat held my name, there is no more shame or regret, I let you repay me the years that the locust has eaten, I watch the enemy defeated and beaten as I take my place at your table, no longer able to touch me the enemy retreats as I beat a path to your door, where I ask, I seek and I receive more than I could ever imagine, your love sublime, true to your word you allow me to see how of your promises will be worked out in me.


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