United in our love for Jesus

God offers us many types of love and one that was mentioned in a talk last weekend was a “partnering love”.  The speaker referred to John 17 and today I have found some time to look at this in greater depth.

The three headers in the NIV are:

  •  Jesus prays to be glorified
  • Jesus prays for his disciple
  • Jesus prays for all believers

Looking at the final section verse 20 to 26 I can see that this refers to unity and that so speaks to me today.  I had reached out for clarity on a project my ladies group have recently started (long story) but the answer lies plainly before me here in this passage.  Oh how great is our God!!  Unity, it’s about breaking down barriers, building bridges and working together as one.  God is in each one of us regardless of denomination, we need to pull together not apart so that the world can see that Jesus came to earth to save all.  Enough of our differences and more of God’s love.


I love being different because God’s love is sufficient for me, God recognises diversity yet brings us together in unity, he is my security and as I trust in his love I see that I am not above or below any other, we are all sisters and brothers, united in our love for Jesus, unanimously in love with our God of love, flying solo we may soar, but flying together we will roar, unleashed we increase the glory, the sound of heaven meeting earth, worthy to be called God’s children, our light no longer hidden, combining to shine into every corner, together our message stronger, no longer the lone voice crying in the wilderness, unified in the Spirit our strength knows no limits, prayed for by Jesus himself, given his glory, brought to complete unity, claiming the victory.


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