Amazing Love how can it be?

Had the most awesome day today at our Ladies conference, the theme Outrageously Loved.  Yet again God let me know personally how loved I am as a word of knowledge was given which was for me.  That’s a whole new blog entry but for today was just so inspired by all the different types of love I wrote this:

God’s Love

Sacrificial Love, he died for me

Conquering Love, claiming victory

Embracing Love, he cherishes me

Saving Love, he ransomed me

Forgiving Love, my sins are gone

Sharing Love, apportioned to me

Repeating Love, mine for Eternity

Partnering Love, he works with me

Unrelenting Love, he never gives up on me

Obsessive Love, guarding me jealously

All-knowing Love, he knows me intimately

All-seeing Love, he sees my every need

Passionate Love, his banner flies over me

Outrageous Love, it’s dazzling me


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