His Grace sufficient with more to spare

Do you ever look back and see God’s hand in your life?  How he has steered you, guided you, created opportunities; basically life is a series of miracles created by God.  How amazing that is, I just feel like although I missed some opportunities that God laid on for me, he still laid on more.  He never gives up or turns his back, he just continues to give us chances until we finally become obedient and then receive the amazing blessing he has in store for us.


Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles, notice them, my God is extreme, as he leans in he whispers into my ear, do not fear for you are beautiful, you are made in my image,  I didn’t give you a timid spirit, sit up, take notice of the roaring lion within, the warrior spirit, be fearless, be bold, courageous, you will not succumb to temptation, didn’t I mention that you will face nothing you cannot bear, my Grace sufficient with more to spare, my God is outrageous, he makes me courageous in the face of persecution and seclusion I am not abandoned, he never leaves or forsakes me, that is he’ll never leave me in the lurch, part of his church I am surrounded by love and prayer, I’m part of a family, believe me, my God is not moderate, nor is he complicated, outdated, his word does not need to be moderated, he created me, waited for me, a new creation destined to be perfectly led in God’s perfect ways, all of my days ordained in his book, no longer overlooked I bask in God’s love, radiating his light, perfected at last.


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