Our days disappearing like smoke

I am visiting my parents this weekend, in essence to help Dad sort out his affairs.  He has secondary cancer and has been given a few months to live.  Seeing him like this is tough.  He has lost weight, he is struggling physically and mentally yet there are still glimpses of the man he was.

My Bible reading this morning was Psalm 102 and oh how these verses stood out to me as I read them:

Psalm 102: 3- 5 – My days are disappearing like smoke. My body burns like glowing coals.  My strength has dried up like grass. I even forget to eat my food. I groan out loud because of my suffering. I’m nothing but skin and bones.

I think it’s useful to have Psalms like this, they show us that suffering is a part of life as we know it but finishes with a great promise in verse 28:

Psalm 102:28 -The children of your servants will live in your presence; their descendants will be established before you.”

1 John 2:25 – And this is what he promised us–eternal life.


And this is what you promise us, eternal life, we are just passing through this world, a blink and then we’re gone, our days disappearing like smoke, groaning at our suffering, muttering as we age and decay, losing weight every day, but listen to what the Bible says, we will live in your presence, our descendants established before you, we will enter your courts with thanksgiving in our hearts, enter your courts with praise, we are raised up to heavenly places, our final destination secure, no more pain anymore, this earthly body shed like skin, our heavenly bodies ready for us to step into, perfection, no death, no dying, no more crying, living in the heavenly Kingdom with God our Father and our King.


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