Truly exhibit love for our neighbours

Jew or Gentile?  It doesn’t matter, God’s word keeps pointing me to this, your background doesn’t matter, any previous faith systems do not matter, any previous lifestyles do not matter.  Once you put this behind you and ask Jesus into your life you are saved by Grace, all are saved through the Grace of our Lord Jesus.

This is something that really speaks to me and I think we should make more of it.  God is not selective, there is NOTHING that can separate us from him, we are all welcome in his house.  Let’s throw open the doors of our churches and be welcoming to all without judgment, let’s show the world who our God really is and give people the space to discover him for themselves.

  • Acts 15:8-9- God knows the human heart. By giving the Holy Spirit to non-Jews, he showed that he accepted them. He did the same for them as he had done for us. He showed that there is no difference between us and them. He made their hearts pure because of their faith.
  • Acts 15:11 – No! We believe we are saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus. Those who aren’t Jews are saved in the same way.”


I am no better than you, you are no better than me, both free to make choices, both capable of listening to voices and making decisions, both in a position to choose God’s love which  is freely given, no differentiation between those of different nations, no discrimination based on your past behaviours, nothing can place you out of favour with our God, his love equal for all, saved through grace, a placed reserved for us in heaven, forgiven by God, loved and cherished, his desire that not one will perish, God’s house is open for business, his house a place to learn of his holiness, to bear witness to his redeeming love, to spend time feasting on God, a place to confess our sins, a place to belong, to discover our heavenly Father, to recover from addiction, hurts and wrongs, to find the support to carry on, may all who come to God’s house discover the love we have one for another, that we truly exhibit love for our neighbours, we simply reflect the love of our Saviour.


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