I flounder in the mire of earthly grime

The Christian walk can be tough.  You hear of situations that really challenge believers, whether fairly new believers like me or believers who have spent their whole life serving the Lord.  God really never did say it would be easy, and I suspect he knew that as Christians Satan would do everything in his power to bring us down.  I am reminded of the words from the song “In Christ Alone” that illustrate that Satan is doomed to fail in that respect, “no power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from his hand”.

Praise God that he is faithful and good and we can rely on him to see us through each and every storm of our lives.


When storms rage all around me, when I find it hard to see the path ahead, a sense of dread fills me as I struggle to find level ground, I flounder in the mire of earthly grime, mud sticking to me as I flee the sin and shame, this not the game I chose to play, not today, not this way, I need to stay focused I need to be clear and then the words ring in my ears, no power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from his hand, the sinking sand turns to dust, the thoughts in my head turn to trust, he never fails me, never leaves my side, it’s time I believed I will survive this with God on my side, the storms may rage, the winds may blow but one thing that I know for sure, my God is my rock, I am secure, just keep my eyes fixed on his, his grip on my hand tightens and I am no longer frightened, whatever the devil chooses today, he will not get his way, I am Gods and he is mine and there’s nothing Satan can do to undermine that connection, the love of a Father that is pure perfection.


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