Not striving to reap but simply to sow,

I was thinking this morning about sharing our faith.  One comment I read earlier said:

“It was impossible to feed 5,000 until one shared the little he had. Without even realising it, Andrew’s faith had found the key to the storehouse of God’s ample supply for the needs of the day. What do I have a little bit of today?”

Sometimes we may feel pressured to share with others, it then becomes a kind of false scenario, me trying to tell you how great God is when you are sick of hearing about a God you don’t even believe in.  Sometimes sharing our faith is easy and God opens a really big, well sign-posted door.  Other times it’s about using our giftings from God, quietly influencing and impacting lives by the way we behave, react and share God’s love.  If we make an impact on all we meet God will use that, he will use other experiences in their lives too and eventually it may be that small act or another’s recognition of your faith that helps them turn to God.

Acts 13:15 – “If you have a message of encouragement for the people, please speak.”


Sharing, talking about or maybe just going about my faith in an honest way, providing friends with an easy camaraderie that provides times of naturally going deep, not striving to reap but simply to sow, to encourage others to grow, my personality is of value, my transformation a statement of your redeeming grace, a place to start the conversation, my obsession to take broken hearted smiles, human stresses and trials and drip feed in your love, a shower of blessings from my God above, gradually filling the void with perfect joy and peace, rubbing shoulders with friends who notice the crumbs and find their way to the plate, it’s never too late to demonstrate God’s outrageous qualities by being all he chose us to be, each of us blessed with a different personality, each of us a shining light and yes there are so many types of light there’s not one right or wrong way to be, just ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide, don’t try so hard, don’t force the chat, just give it to God and sit back and see how he makes a path in the wilderness, see how he gives you opportunities to address your friends and family, see how he uses your unique ability to share your hope with grace and humility.


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