Hearts hardened, ears plugged, eyes shut

Before I spoke my testimony last night I was given a word by a friend who had been praying for me – it was really a picture that had come into his mind from Isaiah 6:6 of the burning coal being touched to the lips.  I felt anointed to speak for God after that and it was a great feeling.

After the testimony I was disappointed when one member of the congregation came to me and started talking about her gay friends who had faith.  She was telling me how it was good that God had told me this was his path for me but that God calls each of us differently, basically that they were happy to continue in their physical relationship as they felt this was God’s calling on them.

I was initially shocked, had she not heard what I was saying, after all sin is sin, it’s not like God picks and chooses who can carry out a sin and who can’t.

Today having read the whole of Isaiah 6 I see that God calls us to speak out, but it doesn’t necessarily mean people will listen to what we say.  But that is our calling and as soon as we say, here I am Lord, send me, then we are putting ourselves into God’s hands and are not to worry about the outcome, that is for God, we are simply his servants.


Burning coals, refiners fire, the touch of God which inspires us to share his word, to share our story, all aimed at bringing God the glory, my eyes unveiled to the truth, yet some listen carefully but don’t understand, some watch closely yet learn nothing, hearts hardened, ears plugged, eyes shut, how long oh Lord, how long before they see the way, how many days until they turn away from their sinful ways, how long before their ministry reflects your divinity, may your words work through me, may you set them free from the lies of the enemy, may they hear the truth and feel the love, may they know your perfect ways oh Lord, may they feed from your word, receive from the Spirit, may they receive your blessings as they work their way through it.


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