I look around to see who else is listening cos surely God’s not calling me

I was reading about Moses this morning, the burning bush story and had a bit of an Epiphany moment.

Exodus 3:11 – But Moses spoke to God. “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?” he said. “Who am I that I should bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”

Exodus 3:12 – God said, “I will be with you                 

When God asks us to do something, or perhaps even before he asks us are we guilty of thinking we are not good enough?  Do we put ourselves down, look around for someone better or even just think to ourselves, I could never do that?  Those are lies of the enemy, look at verse 12, God says “I will be with you”.  When God calls us to do something he is not going to abandon us or leave us to muddle through.  God we be with us, and he promises he will never leave us or let us down.

Hebrews 13:5 – God has said, “never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”


I’m drawn to the flames of the burning bush, fascinated by the fire I draw closer only to hear the voice of a higher power, my God is speaking to me, telling me his plans for me and see, here’s the thing, I look around to see who else is listening cos surely God’s not calling me, surely he’s wrong, can’t he see that I’m not brave and I’m not bold, perhaps he doesn’t see that I’m too old, I can’t speak out in public, I don’t have the rhetoric to inspire and motivate, I think that date’s already taken if I’m not mistaken I’m already busy, he really doesn’t know me if he thinks I can do that, I’m not all that, I’m just a humble sinner, no one’s going to listen to a loser like me, but God told me quite clearly, I will be with you, what more can I ask for, God will be with me as I serve him completely, God will give me the words, he’s heard my worries and fears and reassures me he will be near, as I walk for him, as I talk for him, his words not mine, his sublime timing getting me to the right place, the right audience to hear of his immense love and might, God’s got this right, he equips the anointed to do his work, we are his church, we are his soldiers in the spiritual war, he’s gone before to prepare the way, so next time you hear him say, I have a job for you, rejoice with all your heart that he’s spending time with you, using you for a Kingdom vocation, equipping you to save the nations.


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