How tragic if my story was buried for fear of human judgement

I’m giving my testimony next Sunday and I suppose it’s true to say that for a brief while I allowed the enemy to get into my head, “be careful, you don’t want to upset or offend anyone”.  Speaking to a trusted friend she quickly corrected that lie and sent me an article on strongholds.  Oh yes, Satan you are not going to shut me up, I am going to speak and I am going to speak from my overflow, from my passion, and I am going to share my story for the Glory of God.  The Lord is building his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  If I offend through speaking God’s truth, so be it, but my prayer is that through speaking the truth I will help others to see God’s amazing grace and love and how they too can receive this for themselves.

Matthew 16:18 – And I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.


Build your church Lord, build your church on love and truth, build your church to be strong and fearless, to show Satan that we mean business, this is war, this is a battle and I mean to rattle his cage as I stand on that stage and give voice to the truth,  no longer smoothing over the cracks with kind words, no longer scared to speak up and speak out telling others what God’s all about, that his word is the truth and how tragic if my story was buried because of a fear of human judgement, nothing would please the enemy more than to see me back out of this war, and that’s not the way it’s going to be, God set me free, transformed to transform, not here to conform to the patterns of this world, here to serve, here to shine God’s light into the world, speaking his word as he spoke to me, inspiring others with my story.



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