I gain nothing from being devoid of emotion

As I sit down to Blog today I feel this verse on my heart:

1 Corinthians 13:13 – And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

I have been battling over the last few days with my feelings for my brother.  When someone dies it stirs up a lot of emotions and thoughts and my mind has been spinning a lot of the time.  If I just put it out there, I didn’t get on with my brother and if I’m honest I didn’t like him much.  OK that’s it in black and white, how does that sound and what kind of Christian does that make me?

But, and it’s a big but, I did love him.  I am really coming to realise that now, I loved him.  If the truth be known we can love someone without liking who they have become or their personality, we can love them because there’s a bond, a shared connection, and I love him because I can see that like me he was damaged, like me he got things wrong and like me he needed God’s grace.

I am reminded of the film sliding doors, how different could we both have been given a different start in life?  We will never know but what I do know is that the greatest gift is love and while it may be too late to say it to his face I can say it here in this Blog, Andy I loved you, I’m mad with you for dying young but I loved you.


Love, a gift, a precious gift, love lifts me up it fills me with hope, love helps me cope with anything the world throws at me, love changes my status from sad to happy, love, a bond, a shared connection, a reflection of your thoughts towards me and mine towards you, a complex series of emotions that express my connection to you, if I have no love then I am nothing, I gain nothing from being devoid of emotion, a human reaction to difficult interaction, yet there is no satisfaction in being free if there is no love, I gain strength from my Father above, on earth as in heaven, reminder that I am that new creation, without God I am nothing, by his Grace I’m forgiven.


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