Satan tried to win through tempting me with sin

Was reminded today of the need to praise and thank God at all times.  It really is great to praise and thank God.  I challenged myself to pray and thank God for 5 minutes without stopping.   I did repeat myself a few times but had enough verses in my “treasure chest” of verses that I could use as a basis for the prayer (it showed me that I do need to learn more praise and thanksgiving verses).  But what it really showed me was how great it is to thank God, how great it is to recognise all the fantastic things he has done for me and what he means to me.  I know 5 minutes doesn’t sound long so give it a go and see how great you feel afterwards!

Ezra 3:11 – With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.


You are good, your love endures forever, and what that really means is your love never fails, not like human love, not like the kind of love that depends upon their mood or whether they’re having a good day, your love is here to stay and may I never grow tired of thanking you for all you do, may I never cease to praise you for answered prayer, for showing me that you really care, for providing over and above, for showering me with the type of love that makes me feel safe and secure, a pure and perfect love, thank you for the peace you give, for taking away all my stress, for changing my life from a bit of a mess to a life of satisfaction, a life where perfection feels attainable, a life where all my shame has gone, thank you for giving us your son, your son who intercedes for me, who wants nothing more than for all to be free, thank you for looking into my heart, for setting me apart since before time began, for watching me as I grew in my Mother’s womb, for taking time to write out plans that are so perfect for me, for giving me a chance to reclaim the years the locusts have eaten, for not allowing me to be beaten by Satan who tried to win through tempting me with sin, but you trampled on him and put him in his place, turned your face towards me, you blessed me, thank you God for your amazing grace, thank you for saving me a place in your heavenly Kingdom where I will live for eternity, loved, cherished and eternally free.


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