Delight at the storms for with storms come his solutions

I was reading Isaiah 61 today in the context of how God wants us to live a “Kingdom” lifestyle.  One verse that I hadn’t considered in much detail before was verse 5.

Strangers will shepherd your flocks; foreigners will work your fields and vineyards

When looking at the Matthew Henry commentary on this he sheds more light on what this means for us.

“When, by the grace of God, we attain to holy indifference as to the affairs of this world; when, though our hands are employed about them, our hearts are not entangled with them, but preserved entire for God and his service, then the sons of the alien are our ploughmen and vine-dressers. Those whom He sets at liberty, he sets to work. His service is perfect freedom; it is the greatest honour”

Put quite simply when we dedicate our lives to God, when we set out to do his work, he provides for us, he gives us perfect freedom.  We don’t need to sweat the small stuff or the large stuff, God will make a way, God will make it happen.  Awesome!


Perfect freedom, perfection, God has it all planned out, nothing left to chance, he wants us to dance in the rain, delight at the storms for with storms come his solutions, perfect solutions that throw the devil into confusion, when he thinks we should be sinking but instead we are walking on water, he forgets, we are daughters and sons of the most high God, he tries so hard to bring us down, but we will not breakdown, we will breakthrough, breakthrough every barrier claiming ground, turning our lives around, touching the lives of those we meet, our feet running now we’ve gained momentum, we are relentless in our pursuit of holy perfection.


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