The holy God of heaven loves me

I have been reading the story of Samuel and today read Hannah’s prayer 1 Samuel 2: 1-11.  Particularly love the first two verses and wonder if I am as grateful when God does something for me.  Am I guilty of not thanking him sometimes, perhaps.  I resolve to be more thankful for answered prayer as Hannah was:

The Lord has filled my heart with joy. He has made me strong. I can laugh at my enemies. I’m so glad he saved me.

“There isn’t anyone holy like the Lord.  There isn’t anyone except him.  There isn’t any Rock like our God.


Father, you fill my heart with joy, you put a skip in my step, you’ve let me feel your love, you’ve made me strong, you’ve lifted me up, laid a table for me before my enemies, I am so thrilled that you’ve saved me, given me a place at your table where your banner flies above me, your banner clear for all to see that you love me, you, the holy God of heaven loves me, there is no one holy like you Lord, no one except you, you are my rock, my foundation, my shelter and my refuge, my very present help, you have answered me time and time again and for that I praise your name, I thank you and exclaim that you are a mighty awesome Father with you on my side I will never falter.


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