Where I put up walls, God smashes them down

I was listening to Bill Johnson today and he was talking about living a Kingdom Lifestyle.  One of the comments that stood out to me was “don’t reduce God to your size”.

That is so true, how often do I forget or fail to recognise how great God is and how much he can do.  He knows no boundaries, nothing is too hard for him to handle, nothing is beyond his ability to resolve, yet sometimes I pray like it is.  My prayers need to measure up to my expectations and God himself tells us he can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.  Just think of that, immeasurably more!  So if I start to pray with that in mind I start to live from a Kingdom perspective.  Sure I will still experience difficulties, there will still be problems in my life but my faith denies those problems a place of influence and my God will resolve those problems without fail if I just trust in him.


Let my prayers reflect my faith, let my prayers recognise the greatness of my God, let me understand that where I put up walls, God smashes them down, when I come to the shore and see no way through the sea, God parts the water for me, where I see mountains before me, God moves them, when I’m lost in the desert, God finds a way for me, nothing is too hard for God to handle, nothing beyond his scope to resolve, he is so involved in my life, so absorbed by me that he’s just waiting to hear from me, to see that I do conceive that he is more than able to solve my dilemmas, he has an agenda, a plan for my life, he loves my sacrifice, that I picked up my cross and followed him, he loves that I give my problems to him, denying them a place of influence instead trusting in his omnipotence.


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