I prefer to ask, knock and receive the best of the best

I have been stressing for a couple of weeks over a major business decision.  Don’t get me wrong I have been talking to God about it but I also have been a bit fixated on the decision as well.  Today I kind of figured that God doesn’t want me to give it to him and then to stress cos I’ve not had a loud word from the heavens above declaring what I should do. God works in mysterious ways and he works in subtle ways.  It’s not all about a booming voice telling us what to do but about God leading and directing us, by references in scripture, by words of friends or family members and by a feeling in the soul which is Holy Spirit led.

Today I made that decision and I feel at peace with it.  God is good, he has helped me make the decision but also has taught me a valuable lesson whilst going through that decision-making process not to stress or worry but just be calm and wait patiently for God to act, it almost certainly will be in a way you don’t expect!

Psalm 138:7 – Though I walk in the midst of trouble you preserve my life. You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes; with your right hand you save me


When I walk through the storm I do hold my head up high, why, because when I walk through the midst of trouble you preserve my life, you’ve got my back, you fight my corner, when I forget to put on my armour you stretch out your hand against the enemy, you prevent him from getting at me, you remind me that I am free, freedom earned not by me but by Jesus who died for me and that freedom means yes I can choose the path I want to walk but I prefer to talk to you and listen to your plans for me, I prefer to ask, knock and receive the best of the best, but I need to learn to rest in you, to ask then wait, to knock and not get impatient when the door is not unlocked immediately, to seek and be meek as I humbly wait for your answer, and I know that you are training me, training for reigning, how amazing, train me God, guide me and lead me, believe me I will put in every effort to get it, every effort to understand the plans you have for me, I am the clay and you are the potter, mould me, shape me into your favourite daughter!


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