Stop rushing, recognise the work that’s going in to perfection

It is so important to me to yield to God’s will.  Even now I have 101 plans spinning round in my head, but I know that they are not all of God and I want to make sure that I follow his plans, not mine.  Sometimes it’s too easy to rush headfirst into something thinking we’ve got it right and then praying afterwards, when it should always be the other way around.  Pray first, then act!

Luke 22:42 – Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”


You know where I’m going, you know where I’ve been, you’ve seen all my planning and all my dreams, you have a great purpose, a plan for my life, not my will but yours God, I pray for direction to follow, I pray for patience as I wait, I ask for knowledge to recognise your plans cos I know they’ll be great, chosen for greatness, selected for service, trusting in your Grace, I need to stop rushing, recognise the work that’s going in to perfection, how many elements need to be in place before I can step into this part of the race, movement of people, resources and mindsets, in order to gain the best from your plan I need to stop thinking like a man and lift my mind to heavenly places, anointed to bring good news to the nations, the Kingdom of God established, your perfect plans for the rest of my life the blueprint, never underestimate the power of God, he’s in it, all over it, I’m not settling for less than the best that God has in store, he knows where he’s taking me and I want some more.


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