Knickerbocker Glory happiness, memories of a childhood

Outrageous love, what does that look like for you? 

I was at a meeting last night with a truly inspirational woman of God and she was talking about how we can be bold and ask God stuff outright, like “what do you love about me?”, if we are struggling with ill health “what is my body telling you God?” and for me this morning as we plan a conference called Outrageously Loved I asked God “what does receiving your outrageous love mean for me?”

OK so I will need to explain this but when I asked that question I got the impression of a Knickerbocker Glory!  When I was very young if I got a good school report I was taken to Wimpy and treated to a Knickerbocker Glory.  As a young child this was, I suppose, my interpretation of being thoroughly and outrageously spoilt.  I also got the impression when asking God this question of him sitting across from me in the booth and enjoying watching me eat the Knickerbocker Glory, he was delighting in my enjoyment, I felt him walking down the road with me, holding my hand and it was as if I was still that child.  That is surely what being loved outrageously is all about WOW, don’t you just love how God talks to us.


Knickerbocker Glory happiness, memories of a childhood, a parent’s love for us, delighting in our joy, seeing the world through a child’s eyes, skipping, laughing, holding hands, the excitement of the moment shared, parental time given freely, a really special memory, more than rewarded, accorded a position of significance, my time to dance, my time to bask in a Father’s love, and as I ask my God above what outrageous love means for me, I see that he delights in me, I hold a special place of affection in his heart, I’m smart, I’m funny, I shine and he rejoices that he is mine and I am his, his outrageous love lavished over me in ways that only he can deliver, his love unending, not pretending, a love so real, so deep, so wide that nothing can keep me from his side, outrageously loved by an outrageous Father, adored, beloved, afforded special favour.


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