God delivers us from evil, redeems us from the life of the pit

God’s plans for us are so perfect.  I have been reading the story of Joseph again as well as the early years of Moses.  What struck me was how intricate God’s plans are and how things that happened years before happen to serve a purpose for his Kingdom.


God’s absolute plan, absolutely perfect, intricate, a plan defined and refined by a God who knows what he’s doing, God delivers us from evil, redeems us from the life of the pit, how great are his miracles and how mighty his wonders, we may squander some opportunities but he never ceases to believe in us, never stops loving us, never gives up on us, his plans waiting for us to grasp, he restores the years the locusts have eaten, he keeps on leading us in his paths of righteousness, he knows where we’re going, he’s been there before us, his plans glorious, perfect for us so even if you feel like giving up, stand up, look into his eyes, ignore the enemy all his deceit and lies and look to your Saviour your Lord and your King, behold he is doing a new thing and believe me his plans for you are without rival, his plans are for victory and for revival.


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