I know that I am far from perfect

I was praying this morning and wanted to praise God for all he is, all he has done and all he will do in my life.  I then started to think about all Jesus is to me.


You are the Glory of the Lord, the Light of the World, you are the Word, the great I AM, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, you are my friend and as I raise my arms to worship I know that I am far from perfect yet you take me as I am, you love me right here, right now, you show me your love every day, abundant blessings are coming my way, Son of God, Prince of Peace, reaching into my life to bring me a piece of heaven on earth, a Saviour’s birth so long ago, a child who would become the Man of Sorrows, the man who would die alone, Cornerstone, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, my Redeemer, my Mediator, intercessing directly with God on my behalf, King of the Jews, the Good News of great joy, baby boy destined for glory, a man who’s changed my story, Immanuel God with us, Immanuel God with me, now and for eternity.


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