Time to look back at all that you’ve done and look forward to all that you promise

New Year a time for reflection, of looking back but more importantly for looking forwards. Praise God for all he has done in my life and even more praise for the almighty plans he has for me for 2017.


Father God we thank you for this New Year, this time of renewal, this time to look back at all that you’ve done and this time to look forward to all that you promise, there are no words that adequately express our thanks to you Lord, no words that can satisfactorily convey our gratitude for your forgiveness, for watching over us day and night, for your constant support, your unending love, though we were unworthy of your pardon, you went ahead and paid our ransom, cancelled our debt, offset our sins and hence our new life begins, thank you Jesus,

And OK so it’s not like we can promise that we won’t get things wrong, but we know that like in the song we have ten thousand reasons for our hearts to find, ten thousand reasons to praise and worship your Holy name, and for that we keep our eyes lifted to you, in all our paths acknowledge you and to your Holy word be true.

We wanna shout for joy, sing songs of praise and punch the air, we can’t contain our love for you God, it’s sometimes hard to believe that you love us, you call us “friend”, the creator of the universe and you know our names you love us more that we could ever comprehend, we are loved and we laugh without fear of the future for we are children of God, blessed, redeemed, adored and esteemed by you our awesome Father.

We lift up our voices singing Hallelujah, Lion of Judah, glorious Lord, wonderful Saviour, praise surrounds us as we approach the throne in boldness and confidence, all glory to our God bringing heaven and earth together, oh God may we spend this time in your presence grasping the essence of your glory, may we be worthy to bless your name, thank you for the grace that allows us to stand before you, to claim your free gift of mercy, to meet with you daily and know your embrace.

And Father as we face this New Year, we rejoice that with you there is no more fear, you remain with us constantly, yesterday, today, tomorrow, no more tears no more sorrow, we are pursued by your goodness and a love that’s unfailing we thank you God for being amazing


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