Make decisions based on my time in prayer

Don’t you just love it when God answers prayers immediately!  This morning I was praying about being wise in decision making and telling God that I really wanted him to guide me in my paths and then got home to my daily reading – Isaiah 11:1-16.

Verse 2 in particular struck me: The Spirit of the Lord will rest on that Branch. He will help him to be wise and understanding. He will help him make wise plans and carry them out. He will help him know the Lord and have respect for him. 

I went on to read the rest of the passage and realised not only was God telling me he would guide me but he had also given me an amazing passage to use in my prayers to ask for his wisdom.  Prayer always feels more powerful when based on God’s own word.


The Spirit of the Lord rests upon me so I can pray confidently, I can come to him in prayer, no layers to break through I simply present myself before the Lord as it says in his word, Lord give me wisdom and understanding and as I take delight in respecting you help me be wise in all that I do, may my plans be blessed by you, help me carry them through, may I judge things as they truly are, make decisions based on my time in prayer, may I always do what is right as I walk in your light, may I be completely fair, put goodness on as if a belt, wear faithfulness around my waist, may the earth be filled with your knowledge, may my mind no longer be in bondage to fear and worry as I carry everything to God in prayer.


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