An honour to be bringing news of joy to the world

Christmas Carols are so evocative of childhood and the wonder of Christmas but they also tell in such an eloquent way of the true story of Christmas.  I have snatched some well-known lines in writing this one!!


The night of Jesus birth I would imagine was anything but silent, the little town of Bethlehem overcrowded as thousands returned for the census, away from home, away from family, their baby born in humble surroundings, come to ransom captive Israel, to free us from Satan’s tyranny, he came for you and he came for me, holy night, a night like no other when a humble virgin became a Mother to the Son of God, this birth remarkable in its humility, born for an extraordinary destiny, no wonder the Herald Angels were singing, what an honour to be bringing news of joy to the world and to be honest if I was a shepherd watching my flock I would be pretty shocked if a heavenly host appeared in the sky singing peace on earth goodwill to men and there again if I saw a bright shining star would I follow it from lands afar bearing gifts which it could be disputed were hardly suited to a Mother and her new born baby, but maybe if I had been there I would have been wise and come to adore him, the child who was born, the son who was given, born that man no more may die and OK so I wasn’t there but I am here now and joyfully sing of the birth of the King, triumphantly proclaim his glorious birth, born to raise the sons of earth, born to give us second birth.


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