Unfit to be seen in the church because of our sin?

I was reading today about Peter meeting with Cornelius and how this was like the start of the inclusive church, that God meant himself to be accessible to all whether Jew or Gentile.  Got me to thinking about how we are in church, are we totally accessible?  How do we react to those slightly or considerably different from ourselves?  If church is accessible to all then we are opening doors for God to meet with people where they are at, it is not our job to “vet” people to ensure they are OK to be in church it is our job to love everyone.


Jew or Gentile?  Holy or unclean? Unfit to be seen in the church because of our sin, not fitting in with the expectations of respectable congregations, smelling of alcohol, a drug abuser, lesbian, gay or transgender, someone society may call “a loser”, but here’s the news, Jesus does not call us losers, he came for people like us, he embraces the lost and the hurting, the lonely, the outcasts, his love designed to last, his love won’t let us down, he won’t leave us on the edge, his love is consistent, brilliant, he wants us to see it, to feel it, he wants us to live it, don’t regret not giving him a chance, and as a church goer next time you glance around and see someone you may not relate to think of what Jesus would want you to do, don’t judge, don’t think we’re someone else’s problem, embrace us from the bottom of your heart, don’t set yourself apart like a Pharisee looking down on the Gentile, see that you deal with the plank in your own eye before you condemn me, know that Jesus died for me too and he calls on you to be an example, to love as he first loved you, doesn’t that give you a clue? Jew or Gentile, holy or unclean, means nothing to Jesus he embraces each and every one of us, trust him, he’ll mould me, he’ll shape me, just allow me to experience his glory.


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