Live as if your prayers are already answered

Prayer is such an important part of my life and it’s becoming for me much more of a two way thing.  I know I have blogged on prayer before but today I just felt so blessed that prayer is God’s way of spending time with us as well as us spending time with him.


When I pray you hear me, you incline your ear to me, when I pray I am not talking to the universe but to its creator, I live as if my prayers are already answered because I have faith and confidence in the one I pray to, I know that before I even get to my knees he is working on the answer, I know that if I spent more time praying and less time talking about my problems, my problems would diminish, my heart would be replenished and my soul nourished, for you are the God who works wonders, you are the God who is waiting for me whenever I remember to fall to my knees, you know my heart before the words part from my lips, you get it, you get me, you see what I need, you feel what I feel and you are real, I pray to you because you love me, you delight in me and I see what that really means, you want to be with me and I love that, I love that you want me to talk to you, you want us to be close and as I grow closer to you, you reveal great and wondrous things, you pour out blessings and best of all you’re happy to let me rest in you, silence sitting perfectly between us as I immerse myself in your love.


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