The Angel he had said do not fear

OK so Christmas is just around the corner and I have also been quite absorbed in the first few books of the New Testament and been reading about the birth of Jesus which has brought the Christmas story to my mind.   Just thought it would be fun to write something from Mary’s perspective:


Looking back it’s mad, I was going to have a baby, this was crazy how could it be, I mean I knew about the birds and the bees, I knew this could not be happening to me, what was I going to say to my Mum and Dad, and what were the lads going to say to Joseph when they started to notice my pregnancy, but the Angel he had said do not fear, listen to me, (and believe me that did not go down so well), yeah an Angel came and told me, they were never going to believe me, but see, here’s the bit that is so weird, I had no fear, I was not afraid cos God had chosen me, of all the girls he’d chosen me, Mary, the one to carry the Lord Jesus Christ within me, the one to hold him in my arms, to keep him from harm whilst he was just a tiny baby, he’d chosen me to be the earthly Mother of the one who would become the future Saviour of the world, my life had been turned upside down for the one who would wear a crown and I embraced that, I praised God for his grace and favour, I carried this child, raised him as best I could to become Son of Man, the Son of God who then died on a cross to save us, I cannot bear to think of that right now, his inevitable death, the pain and sorrow I bore as I watched my child die, crucified, part of me died that day as I watched his life ebb away, no Mother should be subject to that outrage yet for me it was kind of a double edged sword cos I knew he was the Lord of heaven and earth, right since his birth I knew that he held life and death in his hands, that God had plans and I knew that if this didn’t happen there would be no happy ending, no chance of victory over the enemy and I wanted it to be some other way but  this was God’s day and what I didn’t know right then was how he’d come back to life again,  three days later my Jesus was absent from the tomb, he had defeated sin, he’d beaten Satan yet again and this time it was permanent, and whilst those three days were pretty turbulent for all of us, when we heard that Jesus had risen my heart quickened, he had fulfilled his destiny, he was the key and we were now free, not just my friends and family but all of humanity who were and are and are to come and suddenly it hit me just what my son had done.


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