They probably don’t even recognise the sin that they’re entangled in

Was reading Mark today and Mark 1:3 jumped out at me

– The voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make ready the way of the Lord,

Since becoming a Christian I increasingly notice two distinct circles that I walk in, my church family and friends and then my non-Christian friends.  Sometimes I will say something to a non-Christian friend and it feels like I have said something very strange or odd which they don’t want to talk about.  At first I would not continue but now I feel increasingly that these conversations are often led by the Holy Spirit and we need to be open.  After all who else is going to tell them the great news, if I don’t then maybe no one will.


Do you ever feel like that voice in the wilderness, when you talk about Jesus do your friends look at you a bit gone out, like you’re losing the plot, I urge you don’t let that put you off, OK so they may scoff (and they may not) sometimes we feel like we’re a lone voice, but surely you will stand up for your beliefs even if it means standing alone, taking the narrow road, not following the path of least resistance but becoming persistent in our mission to share God’s vision, to share his love, to share the message that has power to change, the power to bless, it is not the healthy who need a doctor it is the sick, not those who are already saved but those who are enslaved to sin and this is the thing they probably don’t even recognise the sin that they’re entangled in, the behaviour that strangles their freedom, they don’t know about God’s heavenly Kingdom and whose job do you actually think it is to tell them about Jesus, to show them what you believe, don’t leave it to chance, don’t leave it to others, stand up for your God, don’t deny him, stand up for you God, magnify him, glorify him through your actions, don’t let the silent assassin get his way with your family and friends, their life depends on your choice, their life could change because you used your voice, rejoice freely, love deeply and witness intentionally.


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