God your love is outrageous, audacious, ferocious

Even as I was thinking about this verse the phone rang and it was yet another telesales call trying to sell me electricity and I get oh so frustrated when they won’t take no for an answer.  But I get it, God calls me to love anyone and everyone, not just the select few, not just those I know and it is, if we are honest, it’s a challenge.  How about you accept the challenge with me this week and try and love everyone you come into contact with just like Jesus did?

John 13:34 – A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another


Love one another as I have loved you, kind of impossible to do cos God your love is outrageous, audacious, ferocious, your love knows no barriers, your love makes me happier than anything, your love literally makes me sing with happiness, I confess that loving like you do is gonna be pretty tough to do, but, challenge accepted, you have invested so much in me I see that I need to invest time in you and do the things you ask me to do, so love one another, not just the easy targets like my sister or brother but what about the homeless man sitting in the rain, the guy who sweats a bit too much and smells like rancid drains, what about the woman who always stares at me and the kid who swears too much as he pushes past me in the street, the driver who pulls out in front of me, the telesales person trying to sell me electricity, what about the neighbour I fell out with years ago, what about the customer who jumps the queue or the bloke who ripped me off when he came to fix the loo, love one another, that’s a tall order but one I will honour as I seek to become more like my Saviour, today is the start of a new kind of behaviour, seeing that loving everyone means exactly that, love one another as I have been loved by you, God be with me and bless me as I work this one through.


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