A dynamic duo, an unstoppable force for the work of the Lord

Sometimes I just crave time with the Holy Spirit, sometimes in church I feel like it is so Spirit led and other times I find it empty, like the Spirit didn’t show up.  I know the Spirit is with us always and I know I need to address this myself, if I’m not feeling the Holy Spirit I need to connect and talk to him, to get in the right place, to be filled to overflowing and to radiate that feeling to all those around me.


Holy Spirit fill me, Holy Spirit be present let me feel you here, Holy Spirit anoint me, fill my prayers with urgency, equip me to do your will, still me as your whisper drowns out the sound of this bustling world, transform me, renew me, guide and lead me, show me the way, not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord, so Holy Spirit work in me, work through me, burn within me so others are fascinated by the flames, may we become a dynamic duo, an unstoppable force for the work of the Lord, Holy Spirit you are welcome here, remain near, let me connect with you in every circumstance, let me hear you through every storm and every drought, take away any doubts and fill me to overflowing with streams of living water, daughter of the Sovereign God, fill and immerse me in your word fill me with the fire of your presence, fill me with the joy of heaven.


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