God loves how I love him

I was doing an activation from the “Love Says Go” series today, this one was about finding out what Jesus loved about me.  So spending some time in God’s presence I was amazed at how this actually worked and got some positive affirmation over my life.  I have learned to love myself since becoming a Christian, but seriously, spend some time asking God what he loves about you and you will start to love yourself even more!

I also got a verse from God today – John 14:7 – If you really know me you will know my Father as well, from now on you do know him and have seen him

I kind of interpreted this as a confirmation that my spending time soaking in his presence and seeking his thoughts on my life is drawing me close to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as I get to know Jesus I get to know his Father too, I get to hear from him more easily and connect in new ways.


God loves how I love him, he loves my love of life, my drive and commitment, the fact that I am content to spend my time silently in his presence, he loves my loyalty, my openness, the fact that I gave him my brokenness and accepted his gift of beauty, I am beautiful both inside and out, full of desire to serve my Lord, he loves my heart but most of all God loves that we are no longer apart, he loves that I chose freedom and am now restored to his heavenly Kingdom.


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