Jesus died for you knowing that you might never love him back

I was watching the news today and saw an article on a girl who had opted to be cryogenically frozen in the hope that one day a cure would be found and technology would have progressed to the state where she could be brought back to life.  It just gave me a cold feeling inside (excuse the pun).  How must it be to have no hope, no future to look forward to, no promise of a new life. I know it’s less than two years since I myself was in that position but it seems like a lifetime ago.  I cannot imagine how it must feel to be that desperate for hope that you would go to those lengths.  Our only hope for a new life is in Jesus, our only hope of eternal life is in Jesus, no scientific wonder or discovery is going to come, but the solution is already here.  Jesus died so that we could live, period, end of.


Jesus died so that we could live, period, end of, Jesus died for you knowing that you might never love him back, wow that is true love, dying for you was the most he could do, living for him is the least you can do, look at your life, look at what you’re living for, is it worth Christ dying for, are you living in the light, endeavouring to do what’s right, chasing dreams or chasing God who has even greater dreams for your life than you would believe, he never leaves you despite the fact you fail him every day, he won’t let that get in his way, his love knows no limits, he’s already nailed it, it’s the only story where the hero dies to save the villain, his death was not in vain he came to give us freedom, an escape from all that drags us down, Jesus, died so we could live, period, end of, there’s nothing to be scared of, Jesus has already saved you if you just choose to think it through, Jesus offers hope, not dreams, Jesus offers a certainty of eternity for those who accept him now, don’t stay in the darkness walk into the light, don’t fight it, receive the gift so freely given, walk with God now to see a small glimpse of heaven that awaits you when you die, you see this world is temporary we’re just passing through but heaven is eternal and we have a sure hope and assurance of eternal life, come now surely you want to join us?


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