Forgiveness is healing, revealing

I used to think I could never forgive people who I felt had wronged me in the past.  When I first became a Christian I knew God called us to forgive but still found it incredibly hard, after all they had hurt me, shaped me and made me feel bad about myself, how could I forgive?  But God is incredible and by his grace he changes us, he really does renew us and give us a whole new view on life.  So now I can stand and say that I forgive others and I seek to always do this quickly now if I feel wronged or aggrieved.  Talking it through with God helps too.  Take this verse from Mark 11:25-26 –

And when you stand praying, forgive anyone you have anything against. Then your Father in heaven will forgive your sins.”

It’s a no brainer, forgive and you will receive so much freedom in your soul, a weight will be lifted from your shoulders and you will find an incredible peace.


Forgiveness, a choice, an expression of love, for love keeps no record of wrongs, forgiveness belongs in your heart, sets you apart it doesn’t diminish justice it just entrusts it to God. Forgiveness is healing, revealing a new side of me, I let it go, I grow, I can’t change the past but I can change the future, don’t be a loser, be victorious, receive God’s glorious love in all its splendour, surrender the hurt, tender it to God, give him the nod and he will take it away, a glorious new day dawns where bitterness and anger are no longer, free the soul, make peace with your broken pieces as God releases you, forgives you your sins, opens the door and beckons you in.


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