Speak life, speak of God’s sacrifice

We ask for ears to hear, we often pray for others to hear, but if we are not prepared to step out of our comfort zone and talk naturally about God who is going to hear?  If we say nothing there is nothing to hear.  A good lesson for us and as a word of encouragement I learnt yesterday that by asking someone if I could pray for them I could bring a smile where before there was sadness, I can offer hope where before there was none.  So by offering to pray I wasn’t preaching but I am sure God can use the still, small voice contained in that gesture for his eternal glory.

Romans 10:17 – The Message – The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen. But unless Christ’s Word is preached, there’s nothing to listen to.


God gave us mouths so we could speak, speak now, speak love, speak encouragement not discouragement, speak positives, not negatives, speak life, speak of God’s sacrifice, his love, his grace, share the message, spread the joy, don’t be shy or coy, enjoy the pleasure of spreading his message, enjoy the opportunity to reach out to your community, to bring unity where there is disunity, harmony where there is disharmony, fervently seek to spread his word, don’t be absurd and keep your mouth shut instead be prepared to shout from the rooftops of Jesus your personal friend and how he came to mend the broken, to heal the sick, to set the prisoner free, to relieve you from poverty and dismay, so offer to pray for your fellow man, hold out your hand in friendship, help those living in fear to hear with their ears and feel with their heart that there is new life they can have a fresh start.


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