I want to gaze into your eyes and find my worth

God values us immensely, why else would he have perfect plans in place for our lives?  Sometimes we don’t follow those plans because we don’t have faith in ourselves or in God’s plan for us, putting it frankly we don’t think we are worthy or capable.  But what if we saw ourselves as God does?  Wouldn’t that make a massive difference to our capacity to do his will?

Today in church we were talking about shining for God, burning for God and showing others what he offers.  So we can all do that, just be natural when talking to our friends about our faith, Holy Spirit will do the rest.


I want your eyes to be my mirror, I want to gaze into your eyes and find my worth, to recognise the value that you put on me, I want to see what you see, and receive, I look in your eyes and find the love of my life, my closest friend, I see a life that will never end, I see beauty, I see mercy and grace, when I gaze on your face I feel love, I feel accepted, no longer distracted by earthly concerns, I want my life to reflect your glory, my story one of grace and love and as you say go forth and make disciples of all the nations my heart beats with elation, fire of God burn in me, fire of God burn through me, let me be all you ordained me to be, let others see your love in me, make me bold to speak, outrageous in my desire to bring you into every conversation, outspoken when it comes to salvation, transform me into your likeness and work through me to shine light into the darkness.


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