I am praying that you will come to know God’s plans for you

Well need to get this off my chest, tomorrow is a massive day yet I have absolutely no control over the outcome.  So what’s so massive?  After 18 months of my being a Christian my “partner” finally agreed to go on an Alpha course.  She just agreed to go to the first introductory session for my sake and then it was up to her. She has chosen to continue on the course with a few wobbles.  She continues to deny God exists but after 6 sessions tomorrow is the Holy Spirit day. Now I have no idea how she will react as a self-confessed atheist to this but part of me feels this is the best opportunity she will ever have to see what I see, to feel what I feel and to come to know Jesus for herself.

I also have to be realistic that tomorrow may well not be the day God has pre-destined for her to give her life to him and his ways and plans are perfect.  God is in control and I need to trust his amazing grace.

I won’t deny that I’m finding it tough because I am so desperate for her to come to know God like I do, however whatever the outcome I am praising God for seeds that have been sown, for his awesome answers to prayer for even getting her this far and for his love for her, whatever the outcome tomorrow he still loves her 100% and always will.

Romans 5:8 – But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


I am praying for you, I am praying that you will come to know God’s plans for you, plans that are even greater and more beautiful than the ones we used to share. I dare to imagine what life could be if you believed, if you dropped the atheist  label, turned the tables on your unbelief, saw the grief in my heart that you’re apart from God, felt the sadness that I do cos you still reside in darkness, no hope, no faith, yet I hold that hope for you and I believe that where there is hope there is faith, where there is faith miracles happen, I trust God to bless you and keep you, to make his face to shine upon you, I know that he is gracious to you and he will bring you peace. I trust God to speak to you, in his time though, not mine, I speak of a God who will do exceedingly and abundantly more than I can ask or imagine, the solutions and answers are in his hands, I pray that in the right place at the right time the seeds sown now will be harvested, that you will commit your life to Jesus and we can rejoice, jump up and down, laugh like we used to, cry with joy, rejoice with all who’ve prayed so hard for your salvation, show Satan the door cos he resides here no more, I am praying for you cos what more can I do, I am praying for you cos I love you and that love may have changed, my faith rearranged the basis of our relationship, but nothing can stop me from wanting you to see why that had to be, for you to get what I get, see what I see, feel what I feel when I kneel at my Father’s feet, I pray you too will feel God’s power. take a step back, turn your back on sin and let Jesus love come flooding in.


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  1. Many brothers and sisters on WordPress have written volumes about the Alpha course containing false doctrine. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to read their testimonies accordingly as you search via that tag or category. Praise God, the indwelling Holy Spirit Himself is our teacher, and always leads us into Truth, exposing false doctrine!


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