The view from here is quite spectacular

I was watching this video yesterday and oh my word how it blew me away.  I know that God loves me but to hear his prophetic word and realise that there is nothing I can do to change how much he feels for me, all I can do is change my own ability to receive his love is amazing.  So next time I muck up or make a mistake I don’t need to berate myself cos it hasn’t changed God’s love for me one iota, he still loves me whether I make a mistake or not, he will love me the same into eternity and beyond….


Amazing grace, outrageous love, to be loved outrageously, dangerously even, for perfect love casts out all fear, perfect love negates the hate, the fear inside subsides, love brings alive a world of beauty and wonder, God’s perfect love for me will never change, it’s me that needs to change in order to receive, I will not let the devil deceive me, telling me that my past actions have left me devoid of love, that my past defines me, that God abandoned me long ago, oh no, my God has never loved me more and never loved me less, yet while I was still a sinner he loved me 100 per cent, his perfect love casts out all fear that now is clear, God’s love has crushed all fear, the atmosphere saturated with perfect love from my Father who never fails me, my life full of joy and the view from here is quite spectacular, I shall shout out my praise as I receive the love and roar my approval as finally I seize the day and soar on the wings of his amazing grace.


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