Empty words spoken as a token

Every end of term assembly at my secondary school ended with the reading of 1 Corinthians 13.  Back then it was just a reading but now, re-reading the passage it has so much impact on me.  I knew it was about love but never realised the impact that love has on everything we do as Christians.  What is the point seeking spiritual gifts if we can’t be kind to a neighbour or person in need and what point in praying for situations if we don’t feel love and compassion.  Just love this passage:


Just sitting here thinking about life without love and that got me to thinking about God and his love, see to me the gift of life is without price and the act of sacrificing your own child is wild, on a scale of one to ten it kind of ranks at a zillion and one but how easily we take that for granted, an amazing love that God wants us to receive if we’ll only believe.  Do we conceive how massive that is? That gift of love, that special gift of sacrifice and God explains love like this; if I could speak a thousand languages but was heartless, if I had no love in my heart I would just be a loud noise, a voice reverberating in the darkness that made no difference to those who happened to witness my linguistic acrobatics, and if I was prophetic and gave a prophecy of epic proportions about all that will happen in all our tomorrows but didn’t love others who would be bothered?  If I had faith and could make a mountain move from here to there, who would care? If I didn’t have love it’s an empty blessing, like saying bless you to a stranger when they sneeze, empty words spoken as a token, if I give all I have to the poor but keep the door closed on my emotions my devotion to their wellbeing is still without meaning and if I go out on the street to preach but have no love each of my words is a meaningless jumble, a mumble devoid of meaning cos without love they are misleading.  So what is this love, I know it lives in me, it’s there in the heart of me and as I seek Jesus more and more it’s like the door to my heart swings wider as my Lord and guide teaches me patience and kindness, yes he really does remind me to be nice, he shows me that boasting and show-boating are gloating and I should only boast of his power and glory, he shows me that being selfish is kind of skewed and gets me nowhere, he helps me to give my concerns to him so I am not touchy or irritable but able to show compassion in all situations, he shows me to never think that I am better than anyone else, not to sit on the fence but be loyal to my friends, to seek justice and truth and not to be rude in any way, shape or form, he shows me that conforming to the patterns of this world is not necessary cos this world is momentary, and when I get to heaven the temporary gifts of tongues and prophecy will leave me but love will remain, so I will not be constrained and live life without love, I will mirror the love of our magnificent God,  I have outgrown my childish thoughts and don’t feel I ought to love, I choose to love, for love to be at the centre of my every action and reaction  and that love to be the foundation of all my interactions.


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