You should try juggling my commitments

Read an interesting comment in my daily reading today – when we become Christians we are called to turn … serve … wait …’

So turn to God, serve him with all our hearts and then wait for him to lead us in the paths he has for us.  Turning to God also means turning away from our past and that can mean past behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.  I believe God gradually leads us away from things that are not good for us, we become a new creation and that’s when the work starts.  Even if you have been a Christian many years God may still be asking you to turn from something, to serve him in a specific way or just to wait on him to see what it is he has for you.

  • Matthew 22:37 – Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
  • Colossians 3:23 – Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,


Called out, stop…. do you hear his voice?  Called from the mundane to proclaim God’s Kingdom, called from nothing to become God’s own special one, called from death to life; so what of your sacrifice, what part of you are you giving to God, what gift are you giving back to him, do you love him with all your heart or is there a part reserved for other interests, have you given him all your soul (absolutely everything) or are you waiting to see if you get a better offer and have you proffered all of your mind to the Lord, have you relinquished control and asked God to make you whole?  To serve or not to serve, do you reserve your time for earthly pleasures, are you storing up treasures here on earth or are you seeking ways to serve, loving your neighbour, imitating your Saviour, is your behaviour that of a Christian, do you stop and listen or hurry on by, do you feel compassion or some kind of irrational annoyance when jobs need doing, are you moving too fast on the highway of life to notice those struggling with fear or strife, those going without their daily bread, those without a roof over their head, when someone says I’m struggling is your immediate thought you should try juggling my commitments, are you resistant to change or do you get it, Jesus exchanged your sin for life eternal and this life is not a rehearsal and you have God’s love at your disposal, the language of God is universal, love one another as he has loved us, Jesus calls us to work for him, to further his Kingdom, so as you turn to him don’t forget to serve him with all your heart, soul and mind and you will find a reward here on earth as well as in heaven, the reward of seeing lives changed and forgiven, the reward of using all the gifts God put in you, the reward of loving like Jesus loves you.


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