Maybe Satan suffers from hearing loss

I have news!  God is not to be feared.  God is to be respected and believed and as we start to do that then we start to gain more wisdom and revelation into his desires for our lives. Knowledge of the Holy One can be gained through a closer walk with God and a deeper understanding of his word.  Reading the Bible is so important, and reading it in context so much more important.  Having recently embarked on a reading plan to read the Bible in 90 days starting at Genesis and working through, so much falls into place as you read it in context to other events and happenings recorded previously.

Our relationship with God is personal.  As we seek to know him more he will make clear our paths, he will make clear the ways in which he wants us to walk.  Fear the Lord in the right way, do not be afraid of him he is your friend (he gave his life for you) start a relationship with him, one where you both talk and listen and gradually you will hear his voice and understand what areas he needs you to be obedient in.  Don’t be afraid his plans for you are perfect.

Proverbs 9:10 – The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.


God is not to be feared, you may have heard that wrong, you see the devil longs for you to be afraid, he’s played that card a thousand times as he gets right inside your mind and tells you that God is scary, he wants you to think that living for God is like living in a Monastery, no fun, no talking, no joy just chanting but see that’s a fairy tale, the devil wants you to believe that God is an angry God, a God of condemnation when the truth is God is a God of Love and reconciliation, God came to bring peace and joy it’s actually the devil who wants to steal and destroy, the devil tells lies he’s the master of deception so don’t let him tell you that God is angry or that what you have done cannot be forgiven cos Jesus is still living he didn’t stay in that grave, he broke the curse of death and rose again, he took all your sins all your shame, you could say that’s when he won the game, no extra-time, no second chances he changed our circumstances there and then on the cross and maybe Satan suffers from hearing loss and didn’t hear the heavenly hosts celebrating God’s victory over the enemy, God lives in me, soaks me in love, wraps me in certainty, he delivered me from the hands of the enemy, not to be feared but to be revered, not afraid but embraced by the love of a Father, so don’t let the devil bother you anymore, kick him out, show him the door.


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