You’re building foundations of love

Wow wow – so having blogged yesterday about being strong and courageous I had an amazing encounter in the afternoon.  I visited an awesome shop which do Christian and prophetic art and starting speaking to the guy who was serving.  He is a Christian and we chatted a lot about what their vision was and I just felt God telling me to share a testimony I had heard earlier that day.  So I shared this testimony and when I had finished he just said “I believe that’s a word from God for me”.

OK so that may not amaze some of you but for me I stepped right out of my comfort zone but seemed to do it so comfortably – and yes he was a Christian but God still wants to talk to us as well as others so it was a great feeling to know I was doing God’s work.  We then had a quick prayer which really blessed me, a hug and I left the shop feeling an amazing Christian connection with someone I had never met before, who lives 100 miles away from me yet God used each of us to bless the other.

So be bold and be courageous – Just Believe….

Just Believe

Just believe, oh yes God I believe and I received the most amazing blessing when I let you use me, when I listened to that still small voice, Oh God yes I rejoice that you use each of us to bless each other I thank you for this Christian brother and all the work his team are doing, you are moving in this nation, you’re building foundations of love and above it all you are talking to your people, revealing yourself in dreams, revealing your heart through creativity, art, crafts and poetry, a repository of awesome blessings just waiting for distribution to a broken nation, let us be that generation oh Lord, let us obey, may your word need no explanation to us in this generation let us be the ones who go forth and make disciples of all the nations as we travel towards our destination.


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