Live your life in tandem with God

Working through my Bible reading plan and I arrived at Job.  What despair!  I really ploughed through this one thinking will this never end and then WOW chapters 38 and 39 and it just gave me such a jolt of how amazing is our Creator God.


What majesty, what creativity, can you see the glory of God echoed in his Creation? Innovation doesn’t begin to cover it, you see when you really think about the depths of intricacy required to provide us with this awesome planet you need more than a bit of human talent.  Supernaturally created our God saturated the world with beauty, get this, the sea enclosed with invisible doors, it comes so far but knows its space.  He commands the morning, causing dawn to know its place, but here’s a question, where does light reside?  Where does it hide when darkness comes, and come to think where does darkness reside?  Visualise this, storehouses full of hail and snow, stocks of thunderbolts ready to throw, water jars filled ready for God to lift up his voice to the clouds and command the jars to spill. And I have an impression that there is a frost in heaven prepared to turn water as hard as stone, where does the ice come from, that’s another unknown?  He causes the seeds to sprout, the plants to grow, he sees all creatures as they give birth, his eyes roam the earth as he observes his creation. He laid the foundations at the beginning of time as we know it, God in perfect control of this planet and that’s how he planned it and you see he planned lives for you and for me, each day ordained and written in his book don’t you just wish you could take a look? But better still you can ask him to take control, live your life in tandem with God, no longer making random choices or listening to voices that lead you into temptation, God, the author of Creation wants you to walk with him, I can’t think of anything more tempting than the life God wants to give to me and I embrace it now wholeheartedly.


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