May your Kingdom come, your rules, your justice, your leaders, your church

So learnt the art of verse mapping yesterday (well started to delve into it) and have to say was amazed at the first results when I was praying earlier, I felt it helped bring more intention and purpose to the prayer and a deeper understanding of God’s heart in a way.

Just been experimenting a bit with the Lord’s prayer:


Our Father, yours, mine, belonging to everyone, no one is orphaned or abandoned, no one left Fatherless, what a contrast to life on earth, our Father who is in heaven, who did rise again, who did overcome and now you watch down on us from your heavenly throne, unknown to many but not one goes unknown by you, not one child unseen, praise your holy name, let me say that again, praise and all honour to the name of Jesus who sees each and every one of us and we ask on behalf of all those who don’t know you may your Kingdom come, your rules, your justice, your leaders, your church, may all that is pure and holy in heaven be achieved here on earth, may your children never go hungry or thirsty, provide for each of your children we pray and Father help us to forgive others as you forgive us, truly forgive, to bury the hatchet, to wipe the slate clean, help us to see how we can forgive and move on as we receive unconditional forgiveness from you let our forgiving nature shine through, do not allow us to be tested, lead us away from temptation, help us build firm foundations on you our rock, stop the evil one from taunting us, protect us with your heavenly wings, enfold us in your never ending love and when he does put tests before us may a heavenly chorus of worship and praise rise up in our hearts as we recognise that he’s testing us because you’ve set us apart to live with you for ever and ever, eternity and beyond, to respond as you taught us, thank you for teaching us to pray this prayer Jesus.


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