Sacrifice your own comfort for the sake of your brother

How very sad to see bickering and infighting within a church.  Have been reading some posts on our church group page and it has really saddened me to see church members commenting in a way that seems so unsupportive and yet we are called upon to love each other.  Some of the comments also seem to reflect a desire for more love by some who feel unloved, unsupported or unwelcome which again breaks my heart.  If we can’t love our fellow church members how can we go out into the world and love our neighbours, our communities, our nation?

John 13:34 – ‘A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


Love one another as I have loved you, enough said, love everyone like Jesus did, that may mean stepping out of your skin, leaving that comfort zone behind, laying your fears on the line, reach out and touch somebody’s life, sacrifice your own comfort for the sake of your brother, don’t wait for another to take up the slack and don’t turn your back, all of us need love, some are strong and some are weak, some are bold and some are meek, some are quietly drowning in loneliness and fear, some desperately want you to draw near, some are proud with “keep out” signals and some are humble, mumbling stuff like “I’m not worth it”, what am I?  I am God’s light, I am his hands, his feet, his heart, he set us apart, his church, his family, we are joined together in unity so let’s rise up in victory defeat this chasm of misery, strike out the enemy, and walk together in harmony.


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