As I stared into the darkness you called my name

I was sent a verse this morning by a friend who knows that I am struggling at present.  It’s a verse from Psalm 94 and is something to be grasped and believed.

  • Psalm 94: 18-19- When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy

I was watching a clip of the Brownlee brothers in the World Series triathlon today, the younger brother was struggling to finish and his older brother came up behind him, helped him on the last stretch and then selflessly pushed his brother over the line in front of himself to take second place.

That’s exactly what God does for us, he knows our struggles, he sees and recognises the signs and then he comes alongside us and supports us to reach the finish line.  Not only that, I think also like Alistair Brownlee he will push us lovingly over the line, doesn’t matter where we finish the race as long as we finish but I believe God will allow us to enjoy that moment while he stands behind us in the shadows like a proud and loving Father.


When I felt my foot slipping you came with your love and held me steady until I was ready to take another step, you didn’t let me fall, you didn’t let me falter, your love towards me didn’t alter, you quietly and lovingly supported me, feeling my anxiety you blanketed me with love and care, yes you were there, as I stared into the darkness you called my name the same way you took my shame when I knelt at the foot of the cross, lost but not alone I remember that I have known days like these before and have been restored, Lord hear my cry and let me lie still, quieten my mind and help me find peace, belief, fill me with joy once more, reveal to me your view of me and let me be secure in the knowledge of your love, remembering all that you have told me, imagining you singing over me with love as you wrap your arm around me and guide me to the finishing line of victory drawing me safely into a heavenly eternity.


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