I am the light and the dark is afraid of me

I love this verse:

Luke 10:19 –  I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you

The more we realise this is a battle and that God has given us the armour and the authority we need to fight, the more effective we can be in defeating Satan’s plans.


Authority, great word, authority like jurisdiction, dominion, power….I have been given authority by God to trample on snakes and scorpions, I am filled with the same Spirit that saw Jesus raised from the dead and get this, that power fills Satan with dread, I can overcome all the power of the enemy for you see what God says….nothing will harm me because of the authority he has given to me..


Fact.  We will all die and somehow that has become distorted, we will be transported from this world to the next and that should only vex you if you are running from the light into the darkness.

How things change, I was in darkness but now I see that I am the light and the dark is afraid of me, God’s Angel armies protect me, I am ready for the battle, the invisible war…. Yes the battle is real, this is war..

This fight is for real but believe me good will overcome, the battle we are fighting is not against flesh and blood, this is big, it’s immense, the battle is against the dark forces of the heavenly realm, it’s time to bring this home, Hell is for real, Satan exists and light and darkness cannot coexist, a battle is raging, a red mist of war all because Satan wanted more, he was not prepared to live and let live, he fell, like a shooting star dashed from the sky, the light extinguished, his heavenly position relinquished, he hides in dark shadows seeking to impose his warped values on anyone who’ll listen.

How do we fight this, OK so those who are righteous put on the armour given you by God, the spiritual armour will protect you and prayer will be effective when you speak out the word, cos you must of heard… there is Power in the name of JESUS his name holds power and authority and no weapon formed against us shall prosper so we enter the battle with a song, battle, defeat, then move on, strong in the Lord and his mighty power, facing the giants in front of us we can laugh in the face of adversity, positioned by God to claim our destiny

We are FREE


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